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How important int hat first meet with your wedding planner?

I recently had my first meet with one of my brides. She was excited and so was I.

We chatted a bit about what has been completed so far…then segued into our life stories. Here are a few tips for your first meeting with your planner:

  1. Make sure your planner is on time:

    That first meeting sets the pace and tells you alot about your planner and what is in store for the months ahead. This will show that your planner respects her time as well as yours and the numerous vendors needed to pull off a successful wedding. It will also signify that things will get completed in a timely manner.

  2. Appearance:

    Ok, yes everyone knows to show up clean and neat. But also pay attention to your planner’s style: gothic, trendy, etc. often times this style will be reflected in their work and the vendors they suggest or choose. Be sure you are comfortable.

  3. Prepared:

    Did you guys previously discuss any items for the wedding beforehand? Did they show up with examples, additional suggestions? This is huge because it will let you know your planner is attentive, enthused and organized.

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